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Bentley Just Teased the New Flying Spur and Were Beyond Intrigued

Two years on from the unveiling of the third-generation Continental GT, Bentley is doing the groundwork before presenting to the world its majestically brutal Continental GT with two bonus doors, otherwise known as the Flying Spur. So far, the British manufacturer has only released a vague teaser image showing the car's silhouette, and now we're seeing its retractable hood ornament in detail. Will the Rolls-Royce Ghost be schooled by the new Bentley? Bentley and Rolls-Royce used to be two birds of a feather merely a couple of decades ago but, since they ended up under different ownership in the early '00s, Britain's two top luxury brands have arguably taken two different routes. Bentley, soaking in all of its sporting credentials and a rich motorsport heritage, specialized in brisk sedans and sumptuous grand tourers while Rolls-Royce decided to stay true to its own heritage and kept putting out full-size sedans that abounded in lavish materials and state-of-the-art equipment while more recently tapping into the niche of limited-edition models. The two brands are, as such, quite different in their image now but the upcoming Flying Spur will still have to worry about whatever Rolls-Royce is doing with the Ghost because, as you know, a new Ghost is on the way as well.