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7 Of The Best Resto-Mod Cars

The world of resto-mods is the promise land of beautiful, vintage, bodyworks on top of modern, state of the art, powertrains with performance figures that embarrass modern sports cars. Be it an Alfa Romeo on steroids, a Mercedes bettered by AMG themselves, a Bronco that looks 35 years old but very much isnt under the skin, the variety in restomods is ever increasing with quality as the main differentiator between the good, the really good and the exceptional. The automotive industry has created some real design icons over the years, cars like the Mercedes 300 SL, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, or the Porsche 911 remain etched into the minds of many petrolheads. Such emblematic designs seem to never age but, sadly, the engineering-wise, they are all outdated. Of course, you get a kick out of driving them merely because you get a chance to do it in the first place, but some want even more than that. A select few look at classic cars as a starting point for a tough undertaking: transforming these icons of the past in machines that are able to keep up with whatevers new on the road right now. The key is to have everything come out in pristine condition hence the term restoration in resto-mod while modifying whats under the skin. Some choose to start from existing cars while others do something more radical - building their own chassis from the ground up and then wrapping everything up in a retro bodywork that clearly reminds you of their inspiration. The Eagle E-Type and the Singer Porsches fall in the latter category. Whichever road you choose, resto-mods are a brilliant yet highly expensive way to experience classic cars re-imagined in with technology that was barely on the drawing boards when some of these cars were new.